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Leatherwood Falls, Fires Creek Wildlife Management Area, Hayesville, NC
Leatherwood falls, Fires Creek, Hayesville, NC

Historic Courthouse on the Hayesville Square
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Hiwassee River Sunset
Hiwassee River Sunset

Lake Chatuge, Hayesville NC and Hiawassee GA
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Bald Eagle on the Hiwassee River
Bald Eagle, Hiwassee River

Hiwassee River Hayesville NC Winter
Hiwassee River, Hayesville NC

Winter 2011. Hayesville NC
Winter 2011, Hayesville NC


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Photograph Your Own Home: There Are Photos Your Realtor Just Can't Get

March 10, 2011, 11:03 am


Hiwassee River, Hayesville NC Hiwassee River, Hayesville NC Hiwassee River, Hayesville NC Hiwassee River, Hayesville NC
Hiwassee River, Hayesville NC Hiwassee River, Hayesville NC Hiwassee River, Hayesville NC Hiwassee River, Hayesville NC

You've just purchased your new home, so the last thing you're thinking about is selling it. Odds are, however, that you'll want to sell it some day. Your view and your lanscaping change with the seasons so be sure to get those pictures when you can.

To my fellow Realtors: I've written this with our clients in mind, but this would be good advice to give your buyers when the house you just sold them closes. You could even offer to come over periodically to take some photos for them.

When you list your house for sale, your Realtor will take pictures of your house, the view, the landscaping, the exterior and the interior. They may even hire a professional photographer or virtual tour provider to do it for them. It doesn't matter, however, how good the photographer is when you're trying to show a seasonal view of the July...or how pretty all of your flowers least if you live in a climate that freezes like here in the North Georgia and Western North Carolina Mountains. Even if you live in a mild climate, there are times when the landscaping looks better, the sky is clearer or it's just a really pretty sunrise or sunset. If you're photographically challenged, you may want to contact your Realtor well in advance so they can get started.

I listed a cabin in Hayesville, NC last August that has a seasonal view of Carroll Lake, unfortunately you can't see much of the lake in the summer so I just ended up with a photo of the deck. I went back in the fall and got some of the lake, then on a snowy day in winter I was able to get even more.

Deck in summer, no lake viewCarroll Lake view in autumn, Hayesville NC

 Carroll Lake view in winter, Hayesville NC
I have some nicer photos of the lake, with and without the house, but I'm trying to show somewhat similar views in this blog. Here's the Hayesville Lake View Cabin Virtual Tour if you'd like to see it. I also try to get the best photos I can of views that include a part of the house, such as the deck, that illustrate the view you'll have while sitting and enjoying it! The last photo didn't make it onto the listing until late December, it would have been much better to have these photos when the listing was new, in August!! I love it when the listing sells quickly and I don't have to go back, but when it doesn't sell right away, it's important to me, as a Realtor

in Hayesville and Hiawassee, to visit my listings over and over, improve the photos and keep them fresh.
The photos on the top of this blog are of the view from my own house. It's a gorgeous view of the Hiwassee River, just down from Lake Chatuge in Hayesville NC, looking southeast towards the mountains. (Please note that I haven't misspelled Hiwassee. The river is the Hiwassee, the town on the other side of Lake Chatuge is Hiawassee, GA.) My husband and I bought the house last May because of the view. We first saw it in March, and although the view is great, it sometimes doesn't photograph so well!

Hiwassee River Hayesville NC Hiwassee River Rainbow

I took the one on the left when we first visited the house, the foliage is dormant and the sky is a little hazy so the mountains don't show so well. The one on the right is a different angle, I really only put it in to fill the space, but if you see a rainbow...grab the camera!!

The next two photos are from the summer. I took the first one was just to send a nicer photo to our friends, the one after that was when I saw a really interesting cloud. This is the first example of a photo your Realtor won't get. They just can't plan for it!

Hiwassee River Summer Hiwassee River Nice cloud!

Next, we have the fall. The leaves were colorful, but not so exciting by themselves. The first photo was taken just before sunrise when the clouds were really pretty, the next morning they were even better. I shot this just after sunrise so I'd get the sparkling off the river.

Hiwassee River before sunrise Hiwassee River after sunrise

These last 2 were shot in the winter. We've gotten quite a bit of snow this year, in Hayesville NC and Hiawassee GA, but that's not normal so we like our snow photos. The first one was after the Christmas snow. I waited all day until it cleared. I wanted to show the snow on the mountains but by that time there was no more on the trees. The next one is a couple of weeks later. I woke up to all the frost on the trees, low clouds in the distance and fog on the river. I think it's much prettier.

Hiwassee River winter Hiwassee River frosty morning

These next photos are from my last house in Hayesville North Carolina. It sold last spring but I'd been taking photos since we bought it in 2006.

Hiwassee River brown trout Hayesville deer Canada Geese Rhodie's in bloom, Spring in Hayesville Spring gazebo Gazebo with snow

I didn't feel a need to make these big, you can click to enlarge them if you like, but I just want to get the point across: if you're on a river or a lake and there's good fishing, show some fish pictures. Be sure to get photos of any wildlife in your yard. Shoot photos with the flowers in bloom, the grass really green, a pretty snow. It's nice to change the listing photos with the seasons or just show how nice it can look at different times of the year. You always want to show your home in it's best light. Just remember, MLS rules (at leat ours, the Northeast GA board of Realtors, NEG Board MLS) say the photos have to be of or from the property. Don't cheat!! If you'd like to see more or larger photos, here you go: Hiwassee River Front Cottage Virtual Tour.

I'm certainly not suggesting you go overboard like I do, but I hope this illustrates the importance of having the best photos available for your listing. It's really only the homeowner that can get them through the seasons...and have them ready to post as soon as your house goes on the market. When I do sell my house, it will be great to have all of the river view photos to change up and keep things fresh. I'm looking forward to my spring pictures with everything in bloom!!!

I hope this helps, or that you at least enjoyed the Hiwassee River photos!!!!

Carina Woolrich



Posted by Carina Woolrich at 11:03 am